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LC Bladepatch to MTP Hybrid Trunks

LC Bladepatch to MTP Hybrid Trunks Enlarge this image

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  • LC BladePatch with push pull latch further improves accessibility
  • Designed to facilitate an interconnect or cross connect point between active equipment
  • OM3/OM4 Bend Insensitive Fiber (BIF)
  • SM Non-Bend Insensitive
  • 12 Fiber strand count
  • Specific staggered lengths to active equipment
    • Nexus, Cisco MDS, Brocade and No stagger
  • Low Loss performance (0.15dB for LC and 0.20dB for MTP)
  • Integrated cable manager on breakout

Part Numbers

T(X)2(X)(X)(X)(X)(X)(X)(XX)(XXX)(X)  Bladepatch LC TO MTP Trunks

First (X) Performance - L = Low Loss (OM3/OM4 Only), F = Standard Loss (SM Only)
Second (X) Strand Count - B = 12 Strand
Third (X) Pulling Eye Option - A = MTP Side (Only available for length >5M, C = None
Fourth (X) Fiber Type L = OM3 XGLO 300 50/125 Multimode, V = OM4 XGLO 550 50/125 Multimode, A = 0S1/0S2 Singlemode
Fifth (X) Jacket Rating P = Plenum, R = RISER, L = LSOH
Sixth (X) MTP Gender M = MTP Male, F = MTP Female
Seventh (X) Stagger Type 1 = No Stagger, 2 = Cisco 9512 & 9412, 3 = Cisco NEXUS, 4 = Brocade
First (XX) LC BP Connector LB = RFP (OM3, OM4, SM/UPC), BL = CFP (OM3, OM4, SM/UPC)
First (XXX) Length* Length must be 3 digits (Example: 003 = 3m, 010 = 10 ft.)
Eigth (X) Length Unit F = Feet, M = Meter

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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