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Plug And Play Modules

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Siemon LC to MTP and SC to MTP Plug and Play modules provide a quick and efficient way to deploy up to 24 LC or 12 SC fiber ports in a single module. These factory terminated and tested ports are protected within the housing for reliably high performance and simply connected via 12-strand MTP ports. Modules are available in multimode (XGLO laser optimized 50/125) and singlemode cable.

  • Low Loss Versions Siemon's Plug and Play cable assemblies are also available in a low loss version allowing for multiple mated pairs in 10/40/100G applications
  • Compact Housing Reduces mounting depth for greater cable management space within enclosures
  • Optimized Adapter Spacing Enables easy finger access to fiber jumper connector latches in high density patching environments
  • Durable and Lightweight High-impact molded plastic body with single-finger access
  • Recessed Base Allows cable to be fit under the modules for added cable management space when installed in the horizontal orientation (i.e. within FCP drawer)
  • Compatible with Existing Siemon Enclosures Fits within RIC, FCP and SWIC Siemon fiber enclosures and VersaPOD vertical patch panels
  • Multimode and Singlemode Modules Utilize zirconia ceramic sleeves for optimum optical performance

Part Numbers

PP2-12-(XX)(XX)-01(X) (Picture) 12 Port Plug and Play Module with 1 MTP port, black

1st (XX) = Interface: LC - LC, SC - SC
2nd (XX) = Fiber Type: 5L = XGLO 300 50/125 Multimode, 5V = XGLO 550 50/125 Multimode, SM - Singlemode
3rd (XX) = Configuration: L = Low Loss, Blank = Standard Loss

PP2-24-LC(XX)-01(X) (Picture) 24 Port LC Plug and Play Module with 2 MTP ports, black

1st (XX) = Fiber Type: 5L = XGLO 300 50/125 Multimode, 5V = XGLO 550 50/125 Multimode, SM - Singlemode
2nd (XX) = Configuration: L = Low Loss, Blank = Standard Loss

* Low loss is only available in OM3/OM4

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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