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EuroClass CPR

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) ensures reliable information on construction products in relation to their performance. This is achieved by providing a "common technical language", offering uniform assessment methods of the performance of construction products.

The European Union's (EU) Construction Product Directive (CPD) has developed into Constructive Products Regulation (CPR) fully applicable as law in all EU Member States from July 2013 onwards. The deadline to comply with this regulation is July 2017. Siemon plans to have all applicable products complying by this time.

These methods are compiled in harmonized technical specifications. This common technical language is to be applied by:

  • The manufacturers when declaring the performance of their products.
  • The authorities of Member States when specifying requirements for them.
  • Their users (architects, engineers, constructors, etc...) when choosing the products most suitable for their intended use in construction works.

The appropriate harmonized standard applicable to Siemon is:

  • EN 50575:2014 "Power, control and communication cables - Cables for general applications in construction works subject to reaction to fire requirements"
  • The essential characteristics to be covered in this standard are reaction to fire, resistance to fire and release of dangerous substances

Setting safety levels remains a national responsibility:

CPR introduces obligatory Declaration of Performance and CE marking of cables for construction works with their fire performance.


Siemon's Commitment

Siemon has achieved compliance to these EU Class requirements. Specifically, Siemon is working towards compliance by:

  • Determining what class of performance is applicable
  • Preparation of the Declaration of Performance using the approved notified bodies.
  • Making available the DoP in the prescribed form.
  • Ensuring that product made available on the market is in accordance with the DoP.
  • Applying the CE mark and accompanying information to applicable products on necessary packaging to signify Euroclass CPR compliance.

Specific compliancy requests related to this compliance requirement can be directed to any regional Siemon sales office. A list of DoPs are below listing all cable offered to EU.

For more information on Siemon communication cable subject to CPR, please read the blog post:

Copper and Fiber Communication Cable Now Subject to Construction Products Regulation (CPR) To Carry CE Marking by July 2017

EuroClass CPR Class E Cables

Cable Product Description Declaration of Performance (DoP)
9C3M25-E1-(XXX) U/UTP Cat3 PVC, 24AWG 25pairs DoP_19-07_9C3M25-E1-(XXX)
9C6M4-E3-(XXX) U/UTP Cat6 PVC, 23AWG 4pairs DoP_19-05_9C6M4-E3-(XXX)
9C5L4-E2-(XXX) U/UTP Cat5e LS0H-1, 24AWG 4pairs DoP_19-01_9C5L4-E2-(XXX)
9C6L4-E2-(XXX) U/UTP CAT6 LS0H-1, 24AWG 4pairs DoP_12-03_9C6L4-E2-(XXX)
9C5M25-E2-(XXX) U/UTP Cat5e PVC, 24AWG 25pairs DoP_19-08_9C5M25-E2-(XXX)
9C5M4-E2-(XXX) U/UTP Cat5e PVC, 24AWG 4pairs DoP_19-09_9C5M4-E2-(XXX)
9A5L4-E2-(XXX) F/UTP Cat5e LS0H-1, 24AWG 4pairs DoP_19-10_9A5L4-E2-(XXX)
9A5M4-E2-(XXX) F/UTP Cat5e PVC, 24AWG 4pairs DoP_19-14_9A5M4-E2-(XXX)
9A6M4-A5-(XXX) F/UTP Cat6A PVC, 23AWG 4pairs DoP_19-15_9A6M4-A5-(XXX)
9C5L25-E2-(XXX) U/UTP Cat5e LS0H-1, 24AWG 25pairs DoP_19-23_9C5L25-E2-(XXX)
9C6L4-A5-(XXX) U/UTP Cat6A LS0H-1, 23AWG 4 pairs DoP_18-01_9C6L4-A5.pdf
9C6L4-E3-(XXX)-R(X)N U/UTP Cat6 LS0H-1, 23AWG 4 pairs, OR-NA DoP_3-12_9C6L4-E3-(XXX)-R(X)N.pdf
9GD(X)L(XXXX)-(XXXXX) LSOH-1 I/O Tight Buffer Fiber Cable, 2-24 Strand DoP_3-01_9GD(X)L(AAA).pdf
9GG(X)L(XXXX)-(XXXXX) LSOH-1 I/O Loose Tube Fiber Cable, 16-144 Strand DoP_3-06_9GG(X)L(BBB).pdf
9U6L4-A5-(XXX)-R(X)(X) U/UTP CAT6A 4PR 23 AWG LS0H-1 DoP_3-19_9U6L4-A5-(XXX)-R(X)N.pdf

EuroClass CPR Class D Cables

Cable Product Description Declaration of Performance (DoP)
9C6L4-E3-(XXX) U/UTP Cat6 LS0H-1, 23AWG 4pairs DoP_19-02_9C6L4-E3-(XXX)
9C6J4-E3-(XXX) U/UTP Cat6 LS0H-3-25, 23AWG 4pairs DoP_19-04_9C6J4-E3-(XXX)
9A6L4-A5-(XXX) F/UTP Cat6A LS0H-1, 23AWG 4pairs DoP_19-11_9A6L4-A5-(XXX)
9A6H4-A5-(XXX) F/UTP Cat6A LS0H-3-24, 23AWG 4pairs DoP_19-12_9A6H4-A5-(XXX)
9A6J4-A5-(XXX) F/UTP Cat6A LS0H-3-25, 23AWG 4pairs DoP_19-13_9A6J4-A5-(XXX)
9D6L4-A5-(XXX) U/FTP Cat6A LS0H-1, 23AWG 4pairs DoP_19-16_9D6L4-A5-(XXX)
9GD(X)D(XXXX)-(XXXXX) LSOH-3C I/O Tight Buffer Fiber Cable, 2-24 Strand DoP_3-03_9GD(X)D(AAA)
9N7L4-E6-(XXX) F/FTP Cat7 LS0H-1, 23AWG 4pairs DoP_19-17_9N7L4-E6-(XXX)
9N6L4-A5-(XXX) F/FTP Cat6A LS0H-1, 23AWG 4pairs DoP_19-18_9N6L4-A5-(XXX)
9GG(X)D(XXXX)-(XXXXX) LSOH-3C I/O Loose Tube Fiber Cable, 2-12 Strand DoP_3-07_9GG(X)D(AAA).pdf
9N7L4-E6-(XXX)-R(X)N F/FTP Cat7 LS0H-1, 23AWG 4 pairs, OR-NA DoP_3-10_9N7L4-E6-(XXX)-R(X)N.pdf
9T7L4-E10-(XXX)-R(X)N S/FTP Cat7A LS0H-1, 23AWG 4 pairs, OR-NA DoP_3-11_9T7L4-E10-(XXX)-R(X)N.pdf
9N6L4-A5-(XXX)-R(X)N F/FTP Cat6A LS0H-1, 23AWG 4 pairs, OR-NA DoP_3-13_9N6L4-A5-(XXX)-R(X)N.pdf
100.XXXXX.00 LSOH-3C 8-12 Fiber, SIEMON RazorCore™ OPTICAL FIBER CABLE 2.0mm DoP_3-14_100.XXXXX.00_2mm.pdf
100.XXXXX.00 LSOH-3C 8-12 Fiber, SIEMON RazorCore™ OPTICAL FIBER CABLE 3.0mm DoP_3-15_100.XXXXX.00_3mm.pdf
100.XXXXX.00 LSOH-3C 96-144 Fiber, SIEMON RazorCore™ OPTICAL FIBER CABLE 12.5mm to 14.9mm DoP_3-17_100.XXXXX.00.pdf
9T7L4-E10-(XXX) S/FTP CAT7A 4PR 23AWG LS0H-1 DoP_19-20_9T7L4-E10-(XXX).pdf
9T7L4-E12-(XXX) S/FTP CAT7A 4PR 22AWG LS0H-1 DoP_19-21_9T7L4-E12-(XXX).pdf
9T7H4-E6-(XXX) S/FTP CAT7 23AWG 4pairs LS0H-3-24 DoP_19-27_9T7H4-E6-(XXX).pdf
9T7H4-E10-(XXX) S/FTP CAT7A 23AWG 4pairs LS0H-3-24 DoP_19-28_9T7H4-E10-(XXX).pdf
9T7J4-E10-(XXX) S/FTP CAT7A 23AWG 4pairs LS0H-3-25 DoP_19-29_9T7J4-E10-(XXX).pdf

EuroClass CPR Class C Cables

Cable Product Description Declaration of Performance (DoP)
9N6J4-A5-(XXX) F/FTP CAT6A 23AWG 4pairs LS0H-3-25 DoP_19-19_9N6J4-A5-(XXX).pdf

EuroClass CPR Class B2 Cables

Cable Product Description Declaration of Performance (DoP)
9T7L4-E6-(XXX) S/FTP CAT7 23AWG 4pairs LS0H-1 DoP_19-22_9T7L4-E6-(XXX).pdf